Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Primus on You Tube

As you can probably tell I am just learning how to post video on my blog. All of this is still pretty foreign and new to me, but bear with me, I think it's going to get interesting!

I ran across this video in my old pictures. I thought it was something I actually shot on my camera at the Vegoose concert in Las Vegas on Halloween 2005. But when I asked my friend Tom about it, he reminded me that he in fact took the footage on his camera, so I can't take the credit. Figures. He eventually gave me permission and I at least learned how to upload a video on my newly created You Tube account. Someday I will post something that I shoot myself!

Anyway, this is footage of one of my favorite bands Primus. Yes, that is a giant duck on stage, and yes, that is the legendary Les Claypool jamming the bass.

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