Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Season of Giving

I don’t know about you, but this is the season that I remind myself that I don’t have it all that bad and I want to give back to the causes that I think are important. Here are some of the charities that I try to support each year;

This is a fantastic way to support our troops overseas. You get the wish list of basic needs and wants from the soldiers themselves. I love this idea! Go to: anysolider.com

Vaccinate 50 people around the world against deadly diseases such as meningitis, measles, or polio with a $50 donation at doctorswithoutborders.org.

Project Wildlife - I would probably give my whole paycheck to this one if I could.

Meals on Wheels - This is another one I just love, so many people benefit, so many need it.

This is a cool local resource no matter where you are, check out dosomething.org.

This is always a good cause (and reminds me, I need to call Gina!) epilepsysandiego.org

Here’s one that is close to my heart, americanheart.org - everyone has one~

I doubt there is anyone who has not been affected in one way or another by breast cancer, and there are many organizations to give to, but this year I gave to komen.org.

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