Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's Done.....

It’s official, I am finally divorced! I guess many people forgot (or never knew) that I ever got married in the first place. The courthouse ceremony was quick and quiet, I didn’t even tell my own Mother, and believe me, I will never live that down!

I had quite an experience in court today, I am exhausted. Mostly from the self inflicted anxiety and lack of sleep that lead up to this day, and the fact that I had to hike 2 miles to the nearest post office in a hurry, in heels, but that's another story.

I also had to sit through several other divorce cases, and I have never been more grateful that I never had kids or bought property! It was a trip to watch the lawyers. But mostly it was sad to hear the allegations and accusations, arguments about custody and details of their kids lives, so sad.

When I finally had my turn, I was sworn in, the judge asked me four questions which I answered "yes" to, and he said that was it, I'm all done, divorced. Three minutes max.

After everything, I guess you could say that I learned yet another life lesson (or two) the hard way. I really need to stop doing that. Maybe it’s just my way!

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