Saturday, May 31, 2008

Converse Rocks

I just ran across this information from Converse introducing their new Fall 2008 collection featuring the Grateful Dead, The Doors (coming soon) and Nirvana.

The two Grateful Dead designs feature Alton Kelley's and Stanley Mouse's (the two artists who were at the forefront of San Francisco's renaissance of graphic poster art in the 1960s and 1970s) artwork prominently; Skull & Roses, Europe '72 album artwork and Ice Cream Boy.

For the Nirvana shoe, Converse features artwork, scribbles and lyrics from Kurt Cobain's personal notebooks (I'm sure Courtney made a nice little profit).

Scott Patt, Converse Global Footwear Creative Director, says of the decision to select the two musical figures: "As we continue into the second half of the Converse Century with our Fall 2008 Footwear Collection, we celebrate the originals who have never been afraid to disrupt the status quo."

"They are the renegades of sound, the league-changers, champions of underachievement, the paint drippers and those with flawless style. These pioneers follow what's inside and do what they believe to be right. They are the ones who have created the last 100 years of Converse history and will be the ones to define the next 100 years."

Yeah, Jerry and Kurt would probably not approve of yet another attempt to sell them out for the greed and profit of the corporate unworthy, but they are kinda cool. The Nirvana shoes are out now, and the Grateful Dead and Door's shoes will be available at Journeys soon.

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