Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just once a year, but I know my Mom deserves to be honored every day of the year. My Mom is my biggest fan, and I am hers.

Me with my Mom in 1978 - It was all so simple back then.....

My Mom has taught and instilled in me so many things. She taught me right from wrong, and that it is OK to be different. She made sure I had the tools and the strength to be strong and independent. Most importantly, she told me to always trust my instincts.

And then came the dreaded teenage years. I guess you could say that I challenged my Mom from time to time. She really tried her best to guide me, but I usually insisted on doing it my way and in the end, learning the hard way. It's amazing that we both survived those trying times.

In the end, I think we learned that when we stopped trying to fight each other about everything, that we kinda liked each other, and we have a lot in common. Go figure!

Most people talk about being terrified of turning into their Mother's, but honestly, I wouldn't mind at all if I get more like my Mom!

(Didn't everyone look this bad in the 80's?)

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Robin said...

Hi Tiffany, Krista gave me your blog, was great to look at all your pictures and see what you have been up too. I'm commenting on this picture, because I remember when you looked like that! Hope to hear from you.

Your cousin Robin