Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dark Star Orchestra

If you are not familiar, Dark Star Orchestra is a Grateful Dead cover band. They basically replicate the shows that the Dead did, meaning they play song for song the whole concert. They have been playing for well over 9 years and they play in San Diego several times a year, the shows always sell out.

Seeing them on Friday night at the Wavehouse in Mission Beach was a blast. The venue itself was new and kinda weird, but it worked. Not a bad set up, but the bar got a little congested so close to the stage.

I saw a bunch of friends that I just don't see enough, and of course, my old friend Bill Walton was there. I have seen him at more concerts this year, maybe we should start to carpool?

Bonus at this show was that the sound was being engineered by none other than Dan Healey, the guy who did the sound for the Dead for 35 years. Read this article. Did I mention how great the band sounded? I was blown away by how much they sounded like the Dead. When I closed my eyes I could almost pretend that it was Bobby, Jerry, Phil, Micky and Bill up on that stage.

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