Monday, October 13, 2008

Steely Damned @ Anthology

Friday night was blast from the past. The Steely Damned was playing at Anthology. I used to see them at the Catamaran years ago and always had a good time. They haven't changed much, or maybe they are even better, I don't know. If you are a fan of Steely Dan, you would surely appreciate the almost exact reproduction of their songs.

It was my first show at Anthology. It is a very cool place, although perhaps not my first choice as a music venue. Maybe that is because we stayed on the top level and the view from the side seemed obscured? But the bar was lively and full of interesting people and I did love the ambiance, the lighting and the acoustics are superb.

We did not order any food, but from what I saw on other people's plates it looked fabulous. They offer dinner/concert packages at various prices depending on where you want to be seated, and it looks like reservations in advance are a good idea. Check out the calendar here. If you like music, I would definitely recommend it for a date night.

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