Monday, January 26, 2009


If you have been around San Diego for a while, you may already know about Chiquita's Mexican Restaurant located at 4110 Home Ave. If you don't, you should, it is certainly one of my favorite places in town for some authentic Mexican food.

We strolled in there on a recent Saturday night, a little on the later side for dinner, and decided to sit at the bar. We started with a huge basket of fresh hot tortilla chips and some of the BEST salsa I have had in a long time. Of course you HAVE to have a "Cadillac Margarita" with chips and salsa that good!

The bartender and staff were all in good spirits and happy to make sure everyone else was happy too. There were several large groups celebrating various special birthdays and momentous occasions. For Mark and I, we had just signed a lease for our first place together, and we were ready to celebrate ~ and soak it all in! More about all that in a later post.....

We started with soup, we both ended up with a different variety, both were so good, I can't decide which was better. For my entree, I had the jumbo garlic shrimp plate. The perfectly proportioned serving included five of the best tasting shrimp I have ever had, of course cooked in a garlic and butter mixture that left you wanting more. Appropriately sided with some really good re fried beans and rice that were definitely not your local "Roberto's" rice and beans!

Mark enjoyed his carnitas plate almost as much, but maybe one of the best parts of both of our meals was the fresh tortillas, WOW, so good! There is something about really good corn tortillas that can just make the meal.

Do add it to your list of restaurants to try. Moderately priced and casual family friendly, you can't go wrong at Chaquita's.

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