Friday, March 26, 2010

Hillcrest Farmers Market

We love our local farmers market!
Every Sunday between 9AM and 2PM you too can enjoy the Hillcrest Farmers Market on Lincoln and Normal St. in the DMV parking lot. Since it is within walking distance from our house, we visit pretty much every weekend.

Organic food galore! Pretty much 80% of the market is organic and locally grown produce. The rest is filled with local artisans promoting their crafts. You will find everything from food and flower vendors, glass, canvas, paper and metal artisans, original wire art, hand-made clothing and accessories, unique jewelry and much, much more.

This is a little treasure I just HAD to have! It's a ring with an elastic band, so cute and what better way to welcome Spring?

Of course we never go home without a bag full of organic produce, this trip scored us this beautiful red chard and some giant green onions! Here is one of my favorite Chard recipes.

Red Chard, isn't it beautiful?

Giant Green Onions

We will see you there next Sunday!

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