Sunday, August 26, 2007

Barbara's Birthday Party

Yesterday was Barbara’s 60th birthday party, hosted by her daughter Jennifer and her husband Chad at their fabulous party functional home in San Marcos. The 60+ guests included all of our family friends that I have literally grown up with and hold dear to my heart.

The theme was Hawaiian, Chad and Jen barbequed steak and chicken kabobs with veggies and pineapple and served with rice. Of course they had three giant batches of margarita, mai tai, and mojito, and a keg, nobody went without. They also had a live band, The Fabulous Woodies, a great three piece band covering the Beach Boys and more.

With true grace and charm, Barb danced and partied the night away, you would think it was her sweet 16 instead of her 60th birthday (I think at one point I saw her do “the swim” on the dance floor, the girl still has the moves!). Party on Barbara, wishing you many, many more~

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