Monday, September 3, 2007

Things To Do With Wine Corks

It is HOT in San Diego this Labor Day weekend. Since I don’t have air conditioning I am trying to keep myself pre-occupied with projects so I don’t dwell on the fact that I am miserable.

One long standing project on my list of things to do is to figure out the perfect thing to do with all those damn wine corks. I can’t for the life in me throw them away, but I never know what to DO with them.

There have been many ideas, many attempts at the perfect cork contraption. Some turned out OK, and others were thoughtful, well meaning gifts. But I think I finally found the one that works for me, the cork wreath.

A hundred or so bottles of wine, (don’t ask me how long it took me to drink them) and about 2 hours, of squeezing blistering hot glue from a gun, some of it on the corks, most of it on my fingers. But it was fun to reminisce about drinking some of those bottles, there were some good times, and great friends to share them with.

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Donna said...

How you didn't know I also collect wine corks. LOL
Never have done ANYTHING with them yet, but I still save them. And no, you can't have em. LOL
At one of my patients homes, years ago, they had made a message center, using wine corks and a wooden frame. Very nice! It hung on the wall above a pretty wine cabinet. One of these days, I WILL do something with all my wine corks.