Sunday, September 9, 2007

It’s Football Season, Vegas?

Although I wasn’t able to kick off the 07 season sitting around the TV all day with the traditional Bloody Mary’s with chips and guacamole, I did get home in time to see my Charger’s beat the Bears. I do have a good excuse for being absent from my couch, I was in Las Vegas for the weekend, and I did have an airport bar Bloody Mary at McCarran while waiting for my flight this morning, and I did catch some glimpses of the morning games from a fuzzy distant bar screen, (to be fair, everything is a little fuzzy after a weekend in Vegas). To see photos of the trip click here.

I am so happy to see my favorite Charger, long snapper, David Binn still on the roster. Come on, you have to admit he is good at what he does, in fact, he is one of the best long snappers in the NFL (and he is so cute).

I’m pretty optimistic about this season. I know we have a lot of new ingredients on the team including a new head coach, but with the existing team foundation, and the exceptionally talented LaDanian Tomlinson, we can go a long way, maybe even Super Bowl XLII in Arizona?

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Billy said...

Go Steelers! lol. miss ya babes...