Friday, September 14, 2007

The Gift That Lasts Forever....Almost

As I was going through some almost forgotten boxes in my closet, I stumbled across a small box, wrapped like a present in what appears to be a page ripped out of a magazine. Around the box is a silver metallic elastic string, nothing fancy, just tied in a simple double knot. The most important part of the box, is the note folded into a simple four part square and carefully tucked under the silver string.It's a little tattered and torn, especially around the edges, but I have not, and I will not ever open the box or un-tie that string. Read below:

This was given to me by my Grandma Johnson at least 15 years ago. She is gone now, but she was known for her crafts and she inspired me to at least try and be creative and artistic. You have no idea how many times I have wanted to open that box, not that I think there is an object in there, but just to see if she wrote something like, "I told you NOT to open it!" or who knows, maybe there really is a dollar bill in there?

I don't care, I will never open it. As her special handwritten note says, all I have to do is hold it close to my heart, and sometimes, that is all I need. It's a special gift from my Grandma, that I will cherish forever, or at least until the magazine paper wrapping falls apart from natural erosion.


Donna said...

Tiffany, great blogs!! Of course I love the first one the best. Mom gave me one of those boxes many years ago but unfortunately, it was lost in the shuffle. So keep a close eye and the box and enjoy it.

Roxana said...

Tiff, oh my gosh you made me cry already! The gift from your grandma is so special! Now, I'm going to continue reading your interesting :)