Monday, August 6, 2007

"Isn't that a nude beach?"

I did a mini camping trip at the beach over the weekend. I had never been to San Onofre State Beach before, so when my aunt and her husband from Arizona invited me to come by their camp site, I jumped at the chance to check it out.

They rented a motor home and parked it at "The Bluffs" camp ground in the state park along interstate 5, just south of the San Onofre nuclear plant. There was plenty of room for me to pitch my tent alongside their temporary home, and with the comfort of an inflatable air mattress and an ice chest full of beverages, I was all set.

Although I was disappointed that the actual beach is quite a hike away (about a mile), it was still nice to get away from the norm and just be outdoors. The smell of the campfires and the familiar ocean breeze were reminiscent of my childhood where all of my summers were spent camping at San Elijo State Beach. I have to say that I prefer the camp sites at San Elijo, nicer bathrooms with hot showers, and closer beach access, but for the people who prefer to do their sunbathing in the nude, yes, there is a nude beach (access trail #6). It is also known as a fantastic surfing site, so you will see all kinds of people from family's with kids, to naked people, to the die-hard surfers, and of course, just the curious.

We fired up some simple but delicious steak ka-bobs on the grill, and had some store bought potato salad (easy style!). My aunt made some fried chicken, but having limited cooking supplies on hand, and no flour, she resorted to use some Ritz crackers as the breading, it turned out wonderful, I will try that at home someday.

Little did we know that the after dinner entertainment was going to be such a treat! Papa Joe and Jerry also known as "Get Naked, Get a Life" band, broke out their guitars, banjos, a mandolin, harmonica and even a flute, and they strummed out some kick-ass jams. all was going great and then some fellow camper musicians came over and brought some drums, more guitars and a tambourine, it was like these guys had been playing together for years. They serenaded us well into the night, as more and more campers would come by to listen and sit by the fire, I met a lot of new really cool people, it was a great night!

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