Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Spicy City

I had dinner with my dear friend Bill tonight, and we found yet another fantastic restaurant strategically hidden in one of the many strip malls on Convoy in Kearney Mesa. Spicy City offers one of the best menus of high quality, authentic szechaun food I have sampled so far.

We started with the spicy beef with cilantro plate, I don't know what they use, but it's unbelievable how the cilantro and the pepper and the sauce fuse together to create this sort of hot, samba dance in your mouth, I know "samba dance" isn't really relevant to describing szechaun, but I'm serious, this is like that, hot and good, and kinda sexy. We also had the chicken kung pao and a garlic scallop dish, both of which were incredible, but what caught my attention was the egg flower soup, it was really eggy, and it had tomatoes, big pieces of tomato, floating around in there, I had never seen that, and not that surprisingly, it was great!

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deee-Lish...yum yum yum...when u gonna invite me???