Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 26, 2007

We made it. Survived another Christmas. For many people "the day after" is the day to go back to work, head to the mall and wait in long lines to return all those duplicate Christmas gifts, or maybe to just chill out and do nothing. For me, it's probably the hardest day of the year.

Today would be my Father's 61st birthday. Since he passed away in 1996, the holidays in general are tough because it was always his favorite time of year and he always made sure it was a special time for all of us. As children, my brother and I always got what we wanted, and then some, and then some more. We always had the biggest tree we could find, that was crucial, but most important was that we were always together.

One of my most treasured family traditions is the "German Pancakes" that we always had on Christmas morning (after opening presents). The recipe was traditionally handed down to the males in my family. Fortunately, my Dad gave me the recipe when I turned 18. I have attempted to make them, but after I realized the hard work involved, I decided to let my brother master the art.

Now that my little brother and his beautiful wife have their own home, I head over to their house Christmas morning and he makes the German Pancakes for us. He still has to perfect them, it really takes some strength and skill, and the batter has to be the perfect consistancy, but he is doing a great job. By the time he has his own children, he should have it down.

Until then, I am grateful that we can carry on some family traditions. I know Dad would be proud. I spent a good part of my day looking through old photos hoping to find a picture of Dad making pancakes so I could post it next to the one of my brother. No luck. But I really enjoyed reliving all the many, many other happy occasions over the years. Happy birthday Dad!


Roxana said...

Very nice Tiffany. And in your dad's memory and to carry on family traditions, we'll continue our Christmas morning German Pancakes. And to celebrate his birthday, I made chocolate cake last night. Kevin said he loved Mrs. Fields cookies so next year we'll get cookies to celebrate his sweet tooth :)

Daat said...


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