Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wine Corks - Part Two

My blog has now been visited by over 1,000 people. Well, at least some people have gone to my site over a 1,0000 times. I figure most people are friends and family who are just checking in to see what kind of trouble I am up too. I am also happy to welcome the many people that I do not know to my site, however you managed to get here. I love the fact that people from many different countries have spent some time here and have even made comments, thank you!

I was curious what key words people are using to get directed here, and by using the "site meter" I can find out. I was surprised to learn that many referrals come from people looking for "things to do with wine corks". It appears that I am not the only one that has an overwhelmed jar or drawer filled with them. Therefore, I would like to share with you a couple of other projects that I have come up with.

I've had this wonderful print by Louis Icart (favorite swap meet find) for a hundred years. I was getting tired of looking at the rather plain wooden frame, so DUH, I decided to glue some wine corks around it! I simply used my favorite household tool, the hot glue gun.

Here's another cute idea. My Mom sent me this as a Christmas ornament last year, I believe she picked it up at a craft fair somewhere in North Carolina. The challenge is threading the cork without it breaking, it takes some practice and patience. With a little creativity the possibilities are endless.

If you have a crafty use for wine corks that you want to share, please send me your photos, I would love to post a Part Three someday!

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