Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dry At The Beach

I normally try to avoid taking sides on anything political. I'm usually undecided or somewhere in the middle on issues. Occasionally, I know exactly where I stand and I don't mind voicing my opinion.

I am wholeheartedly opposed to the ban on alcohol ALL year long on ALL San Diego beaches. A group of seven council members made the decision with a 5-2 vote back in November. The ban officially started yesterday January 15, but there is a 30 day grace period, then they will start issuing $250 fines to anyone caught drinking on San Diego beaches, bays or beach parks.

We all know that the majority of the problems that prompted this ban come from unruly college age (and under age) drinkers on the major holidays, primarily at the P.B. beaches. The inconsiderate people that caused the problems are only visitors to our beaches, and they could care less about the penalties. It's the local, respectable and responsible beach residents that will be punished all year long. The trouble makers are still going to come, they will still drink and still cause problems, ban or no ban.

We all want our beaches to be safe for everyone to enjoy. It's my opinion that they should ban alcohol but just on the three major beach holidays, 4th of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day. It's the most logical solution. This will limit the time and money wasted by the already limited law enforcement resources trying to enforce a ban on something that isn't a problem 362 days of the year.

That's my opinion, if anyone cares.

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