Monday, April 7, 2008

Les Claypool

Last Wednesday I made it to the House of Blues to catch Les Claypool with Tim Fite. Actually, Phoebe and I stopped at the Wine Cabana before the show, and since we were having such a pleasant time, we missed the Tim Fite part of the show. Fear not, I still got plenty of my moneys worth from good ol Les.

I can't think of anything more challenging to describe. Many are familiar with Primus, but Claypool keeps busy with multiple other projects including a lot of very interesting film work. I have seen him live 6-7 times now and he has never let me down.

He is an exceptional bassist and music creator. He has a knack for putting all kinds of funky sounds together. He is prone to change costumes every few songs, very theatrical, and often animal related. This evening he preferred several masks including a chimpanzee likeness.

Unfortunately, HOB does not allow camera's in their over-ruled over-priced venue, so I could not capture more than a quick photo with my less than great cell phone camera. I really don't want to rant about it, but this is definitely not my favorite San Diego concert locale. Even though the place has great ambiance and decor, the over zealous staff and the strict rules make it feel stuffy or something.

Overall, it was another great show and good time!

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