Monday, April 7, 2008

WSP United Palace Theater, NY

I still can't decide which show I liked best, Friday or Saturday night. I guess I really don't have to make that decision, they were both special in their own way. I've seen Panic 8 or 9 times now (?) and I have never had a bad show. In fact, each show gets better and better.

The United Palace Theater was designed to impress. As soon as you walk in the spectacular entrance you are in awe. Read a great review here.

Even though there was not a bad seat in the house, Friday night we had orchestra seats so we managed to get up to the 4th row for a most excellent view.

SET 1: Holden Oversoul > Better Off, Climb To Safety, Papa Johnny Road, Sleeping Man, Sleepy Monkey > Free Somehow > Pleas > Love Tractor

Imagine our delight to see Warren Haynes on the stage in the second set. He absolutely blew us away, the energy in that theater was intense. Here is a snipet of video that Tom shot with my camera.

SET 2: Space Wrangler > Radio Child > Jam > Jack, Wondering > Second Skin > Drums > Surprise Valley* > Protein Drink* > Sewing Machine*

ENCORE: This Part Of Town > Walk On The Flood

* with Warren Haynes on guitar

You can actually listen the concert on, it's easy, just click here.

Saturday's first set went on forever. I couldn't believe that they played "Hatfield", the song about San Diego. They have played that song just about every time I have seen them, I thought for sure they wouldn't play it in NY, it's like they knew I was there.

SET 1: Big Wooly Mammoth > North, Angels on High > Little Lilly > Rock > Hatfield, Hope In A Hopeless World, Conrad

SET 2: From The Cradle > Bowlegged Woman, Papa's Home > Three Candles > Airplane > Drums > Papa's Home > Henry Parsons Died

ENCORE: Let's Get The Show On The Road > Blackout Blues

They made my night with "Airplane", but every song rocked. I don't know how John Bell remembers the lyrics to all these songs, he is a professional. They played several songs from their new album "Free Somehow" all pretty cool but still unfamiliar. That's OK, somebody promised to send me a copy, it should be arriving soon.

It's going to be hard to top this show in the future, everything worked out just perfectly and had a good groove, good energy. I love it when that happens!

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