Monday, July 14, 2008

Lilly & Shady

I am very happy to introduce the new stars of my show, "Little Lilly" and "Shady Grove"!

We met at the San Diego Humane Society over a week ago, and I finally got to take them home on Sunday.

Lilly, the calico, is a lover. She's about two years old and she purrs constantly. They couldn't tell me a lot about her, just that she and Shady were dropped off together. They are not mother and kitten, but they do have similarities, so I don't know what their relationship is.

Shady is a tabby of about 4 months old, total kitten. She did not want anything to do with me for the first 24 hours, but she is finally coming around. She is a typical fearless kitten and likes playing with string, balls of paper and plants, and she now purrs and likes being pet. I can tell she is going to have a great personality.

They were obviously cared for by someone before, they must have hated to give them up for whatever reason. It is heart wrenching seeing all those dogs and cats in the shelter, you really want to take them all home. I was very impressed with my overall experience, I highly recommend adopting from the San Diego Humane Society.

Naming your pet is always a big deal. I've had a few pets in my time, and given a lot of names. This time the names had to root from my favorite bands Widespread Panic and/or the Grateful Dead. Click on the links below to see why I chose these names.

"Little Lilly"

Lilly and Shady's photo album


khb said...

Lilly and Shady are adorable! I am so happy that you found these two and brought them into your life. It's hard to imagine anyone giving them up, but these two girls really won the lottery when you took them home. Looking forward to more photos and stories about them as time goes on.

Mom said...

Lily and Shady are two lucky cats, I know they will be well fed and well loved. And Annie and Whiskers are happy to have some more kitty cousins!