Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Did you feel it?

That's the number one question asked today in California. If you didn't hear, there was a 5.4 earthquake today centered in Chino Hills, about 30 miles from Los Angeles.

Yes, I definitely felt it. I was at work in La Jolla/UTC on the 4th floor of a six story building. I've been through a few good shakers in my lifetime, and I would say this was one of the top three, as far as the scare factor goes.

There was a lot of noise, building creaking I guess. It sounded like there was gravel hitting the windows, not sure what that was about. It was one of those "swaying" earthquakes and it seemed to last a long time.

Shortly after we stopped shaking, I got a call from a co-worker in my company's downtown Los Angeles office, they were evacuated. They decided to close for the rest of the day until a building inspector could verify the building was safe. People were pretty shook up, but so far, no major damage or injuries have been reported.

All in all, I will still take an earthquake over a tornado or a hurricane any day!

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