Saturday, August 9, 2008

Did You Know I am 1/4 Italian?

So naturally, I am drawn to all things Italian. One day soon, I will get to the real thing. Until then, every Saturday in the summer, I have the San Diego Little Italy Mercado.

Delightfully, my cousin Krista (her blog here) is in town from Santa Barbara this weekend and she invited me to go with her and her husband, my Aunt and Uncle. They have all been to Italy several times, so you could say I travel vicariously through them.

Don’t go expecting to make a whole day of it, you could certainly take it all in in an hour or so, but then you must pick an eatery or a cafĂ© or bistro and stay for awhile. There is much atmosphere and people watching to do.

Featuring over 70 booths including local and organically grown produce, fresh flowers hand crafted jewelry, unique artisans, plenty of tempting baked goods and pastries, and I enjoyed several organic/natural pet themed booths. Lookout for Angelia Mia’s hand crafted and gorgeous pashminas, and make the stop at Sweet Things Italian Ice, (fat free!) you won’t be sorry!

We strolled up and down Date Street, and then back and forth India trying to decide where to eat lunch. It’s not an easy decision, with so many choices, of course mostly Italian. We finally decided on a spaghetti place, (I can’t find it on line) but it was good and a great choice for our group of eight.

After an enjoyable day in Little Italy (those pictures here), we went down to the docks to check on the progress of my Uncle’s fishing boat. He’s put a lot of work into restoring it and it is going to be super cool when he gets it all done. Check out the album here.

It was nice day, and I even have a funky sunburn to remember it by!

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