Monday, September 22, 2008

Street Scene 08

Street Scene has been through a lot of changes over the years. I’m sure all experienced Street Scene goers will agree that it is definitely in a better location back downtown. That whole Q parking lot thing was just wrong.

I heard that there were major problems getting in and out from people taking the trolley system, but Mark and I had a carefree and easy experience getting there on the bus. We opted to catch a cab for the ride home, even that was easy.

We got through the gates with ease and went right to the Fulano Stage to see Spiritualized (love their website). They had a great full sound with deep elements of soul and rock. Unfortunately, I managed to shoot 2 pictures with my camera before the batteries died. My bad. So the rest of the night I was forced to use my less than acceptable cell phone camera. It is sooooo time to upgrade.

Next, we headed towards the Fulana stage to check out some of Tegana and Sara. They are not really up my alley, but they drew a big college crowd. We decided this was a good time to check out the beer garden section, which was actually laid out in a good position. A few well smuggled mini vodka bottles helped with the enhancement.

Promptly at 9:25 PM The National started. I have to admit, I hadn’t even heard of them until earlier that day. I was really impressed. Strong musicians and I love their lyrics. I got a rush from the kids around us that were really into the band, their enthusiasm was contagious.

X totally killed me. Billy Zoom, DJ, Exene and John Doe can still put it on. I saw them last when I was 16 or 17?? I can’t believe they have been around for over 30 years and they still kick ass.

Devo absolutely rocked. Talk about nostalgia. I can still feel it in my aching calves. I haven’t danced and jumped around that much since my punk rock days. But how can I complain when the band is by far older than me, and they had the tenacity to put on the hardest rocking show of the night? Complete Satisfaction.

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