Sunday, June 28, 2009

OB Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off

Saturday was the 30th annual OB Street fair and chili cook off. As you can see from the slide show, there was a good turnout this year.

This year's Ocean Beach Street Fair featured five stages of non-stop music, an artists alley, a community mural project, a bunch of kid's stuff, a beach-side beer garden & liquorland, tons of crafts booths, a skateboard exhibition, a climbing wall, and a raffle (I hope we win!), something for everyone. I look forward to this event every year, and this year did not disappoint!

One highlight of the day was the chili cook-off, a community tradition, this is what it is all about. Shannon, Mark and I shared a tasting, which basically means we got 25 samples of each prized recipe, and we collectively voted which one was best. We each got just enough of a taste to form an opinion, and we made notes as we tried each one. Well, we tried most of them. Some of the lines were crazy long, and Shannon is right, you can only taste so much chili before it all starts tasting the same. We certainly tried a variety, some really boring, some undercooked, overcooked, and some kick ass good stuff. And loved it all!

We ran into and hung out with lots of good friends and heard some great music. We saw a friends band that covers Ramones songs at Winston's, we just missed the Chi Club, but we caught part of Superunloader from a private party on top of South Beach, that was pretty sweet. We also had cocktails and jello shooters on the Sunshine rooftop, more cocktails at Tony's, lunch and more cocktails at the Blue Parrot, and maybe a few other stops.....

Somehow, at the end of a glorious and near perfect day, we dismally discovered that 2 pairs of sunglasses, the keys to my car, the car alarm and the house keys had mysteriously disappeared.

I've never lost any thing in my life, why not start by losing something major? Let's hope this is not a trend.

The obvious thing to do is to re-trace your steps, so that's what we did all day Sunday. We did find 1 pair of sunglasses, but keys, to no avail. So, it looks like calls to a locksmith, the screen replacement co., AAA, a tow company and the dealership are all in my, when can I start blaming this stuff on old age???

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