Monday, December 28, 2009

The Crazy Quilt

I am the grateful recipient of one of the worlds most amazing gifts ever made. Much more than just a Christmas gift, this will be a family heirloom forever.

My incredibly talented Mom started this quilt over a year ago. Why she decided to make ME a "crazy quilt" is a mystery to me......
The amount of time and effort that went into making this quilt is astonishing. Here, I did some questions and answers, straight from the artists mouth keyboard!

  • How many hours would you estimate it took you to complete? 14 months! Approximately 700 hours!  Gosh, at even $5.00 and hour…. The quilt would cost $3,500…. Not including the material, thread, embroidery thread, batting and the sheet for the underside of the quilt! 

  • What was the average amount of time that you worked on it per week? Around 10 hours, usually 2 hours a night, for 5 nights a week.
  • What was the most challenging part of making this quilt? Trying to not do too many “flower” stitches and putting colors next to each other that looked ok.

  • What step did you enjoy the most?  The embroidery work on the top.

  • How long did each square take to complete?  Some squares were finished in one evening and some took a week.

  • Percentage wise, how much work was done by hand, how much by machine? The only machine stitching was sewing the squares together and then sewing the top, middle and bottom together.

  • Have you started the next quilt yet?   I’m thinking about starting a baby quilt!  I would also love to do a Christmas Quilt…..
Sharon Boucher is a multi-talented artist and entrepreneur. After a few years of living in the Carolinas to perfect her southern charm, she is finally back in California. Her artistry ranges from acrylic tole painting to water painting, quilting, cooking, home decorating and entertaining. When she is not doing all of that, she loves being in the garden with her husband Mike. She is currently working on her own blog.....

Love my quilt, love my Mom!!

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