Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Ring!

Since I work in the jewelry industry, I know a thing or two about jewelry. I also know that I am not your traditional diamond ring kind of girl.

But all of the sudden, I find myself engaged......... and picking out rings for myself, (wtf?)

I knew the first time I saw the picture below that I wanted an Alexandrite center stone.

The thing that I love about this stone is the changing colors. Depending on the type of light it is in, it changes color from light pink, to purple, to blue to turquoise to green, it is so awesome!! It kind of reminds me the popular "mood rings" of the 70's, only this is way better!

Not only is it gorgeous, but it is also incredibly symbolic. Known as a healing stone, alexandrite is specifically associated with balancing the mind and helping to achieve calmness, emotional balance, and to bring about change, happiness, and success.

So, with the center stone determined, the next part was deciding on a mounting. I wanted a low profile, not something that will stick out too high and get caught on everything. This is the one we chose.......

  And so, if you put the two get this!


I know that this ring, like this commitment, is for the rest of my life.  I hope the ring will continue to inspire us to grow and change for the better as a couple, as well as individuals....... we are incredibly lucky to know so much love!

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