Monday, December 24, 2007

My Collages

As much as I enjoy working on and developing my blog, I realize that lately I feel the need to use my hands and touch some paper. I guess my main inspiration comes from this "blog of note" recommendation, "Papiers Colles". This woman has the incredible ability to put together these beautiful, sometimes haunting collages that really capture emotion.

I went to the local thrift store and bought up all of the magazines they had, I even found some perfectly unused canvas boards, a whole slew of paper collage goodies for about $5.00. I got home, spread the magazines all around me and started to dig in. I cut out hundreds of images of anything and everything that caught my eye. The trick is putting the images together in a cohesive or interesting way. The more I do it, the more options I can imagine, and they are endless. I am also experimenting with adding fabric, paint, pressed flowers, buttons, you name it.

To date, I have completed four collages. Each one gets more and more detailed, more complicated, but more fun. I've learned that it is a very personal art form, other people probably don't "get it" the way I see it, but I guess all art is like that really. What matters is what I get out of it and what I learn about myself in the process.

I'm having trouble photographing the finished projects, I blame a little bit on my lack of camera features, and a lot on my lack of photography skills. Hopefully I can improve my skills on both fronts, until then, please enjoy what I have so far.

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Aunt Deb said...

Tiffany...God gave you an extra measure of creativity when He made you.....I love your blog, your new art medium...your pics and the fact that you are finally free to pursue your life. Keep makes me not miss you so much...Aunt Deb