Monday, August 18, 2008

What are Lilly & Shady Doing?

We are getting along splendidly. I still think that I got lucky and picked the best 2 cats in the whole shelter.

The way they get along with each other is so cool. Lilly is still very young and can keep up with Shady, the now five month-old kitten. They seem to genuinely love each other. I have never seen a serious fight, just lots of playing, love and affection.

Of course they are getting into LOTS of trouble! Shady loves the fish tank. Yes, she has discovered that she can actually TOUCH the fish when she dips her paw in the back of the tank!

Lilly had a problem with a particular house plant that I HAD. She destroyed it. It's dead. I wonder what it did to her? Besides the hatred for the plant, she is a sweetheart!

Keep checking back, we are working on their movie debut....

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