Monday, September 8, 2008

Football Season

It’s my favorite time of the year again, football season!!!! I am looking forward to the Chargers having an awesome season, despite the disappointing finale of yesterday’s game.

After some grumbling, the guys in the football pool decided to let me play again, even though I dominated the pool last year. They will get over it. I doubt I will be that lucky again, but I hope so!

Normally, I do not leave my house on Sundays during the season. I have always preferred to focus on my games without distraction, and I kind of like just kicking it in my jammy’s all day.

But yesterday I was coerced into joining some friends at Hamilton’s in South Park to watch the Chargers. It was so much fun! Every time the Chargers scored they played that old-school San Diego Chargers song, and every one cheered, it was a fun crowd.

It was also kind of fun to take public transportation to the bar. I haven’t been on a city bus in 20 years, but since we were planning on drinking all day, it was the responsible thing to do. I also realized that there is an awful lot of San Diego that I need to explore more of. More on that later~

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